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The reformed A level Psychology is now a member of the science suite of A level subjects and it combines well with both sciences and humanities.

There are an increasing number of areas that require a psychology specialist, including Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology and Organisational Psychology.  A prerequisite for any of these vocational areas is a recognised psychology degree for which ‘A’ Level psychology is a thorough introduction.  Psychology is also of benefit to a wide range of other professions including medicine, teaching and business; and is recommended to anyone who is interested in ‘what makes people tick’. For more information, watch this introductory video and if you are interested in studying the subject, you could complete this bridging course as a useful starter.

  • Introductory topics in Psychology
  • Psychology in context
  • Issues and options in Psychology

The entry requirements for this subject match those required for entry into the sixth form.

Key Course Details
Course typeA Level
Exam boardAQA