Pastoral Care

Hulmegrammarschool 307

As students transition into Years 12 and 13, the challenges and workload naturally increase. We understand the pressures that come with Sixth Form study, which is why we prioritise offering top-notch pastoral care to support our students every step of the way.

In our Sixth Form, each student is paired with a dedicated Personal Tutor from our exceptional team. These tutors are here to monitor progress, address concerns, and provide guidance throughout the students’ academic journey.

Transitioning into Sixth Form brings with it a myriad of decisions and changes. At our school, we place a strong emphasis on student welfare and wellbeing. The Sixth Form Team, consisting of the Head of Sixth Form, the Heads of Year 12 and 13, are readily available to offer support whenever it’s needed. Additionally, our professional school counsellors are accessible to all students, providing a confidential space to talk through any challenges they may face.

With a small and intimate Sixth Form environment, we’re able to offer tailored support programs to meet the individual needs of each student. Here, students find themselves surrounded by a dedicated team of staff who not only excel in their roles but genuinely care about them and their future aspirations. Rest assured, students are in good hands as they embark on this important phase of their educational journey.