English Language & Literature

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The AQA English Language and Literature course offers an integrated linguistic and literary approach to the reading and interpretation of literary and non-literary texts.

In addition to the analysis of texts for their literary qualities in a similar way to how texts were studied at GCSE, the course also introduces linguistic concepts and looks more in depth at, for example, the way language is constructed (grammar), the meanings of words and how these change over time (semantics and semantic change) and how language is used to imply meaning (pragmatics).  Learning about spontaneous speech and how to analyse the features of transcripts is an important part of the course, as is creative writing.

The AQA English Language and Literature course is stimulating, challenging and well respected. It offers students a firm academic foundation for further education courses in English language, or English literature or other arts subjects and a potential career for example in teaching, public relations, or journalism and the media. It is a very versatile and flexible qualification,  which sits alongside any other subject and is transferable to any career. Employers are looking for high levels of communication and empathy skills and an English A Level subject is guaranteed to nurture and develop these skills in a broad and balanced way. 

From our experience, students should have achieved at least a Grade 6 in GCSE English Language and/or Literature if they are going to be successful at A Level.

Key Course Details
Course typeA Level
Exam boardAQA
AssessmentWritten assessment (80%)
Non examination assessment (20%)