Welcome from Head of Senior

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It is a pleasure, as the Head of the Senior School, to work with the students of HGS every day. At Hulme the amazing staff, students, Governors, parents, carers and the community work together to ensure our students are well‐rounded individuals who excel in every aspect of their lives. Our highest priority is to provide an outstanding inclusive learning environment for all of our students, that nurtures their individuality and facilitates the realisation of their potential. 

In the Senior School you will hear conversations with students and staff acknowledging each other with ‘Welcome’, ‘Good morning’, ‘How are you?’ This reflects the respectful and friendly atmosphere that pervades the school. 

At Hulme we respect the traditional values of hard work, good manners, and self-discipline, whilst also preparing our students for their future lives in an ever-changing world. We benefit from a dedicated and well qualified staff who bring 21st century learning alive for each individual. Our teachers are committed, passionate professionals who know and love their subjects. Teachers work closely with students to ensure the highest levels of academic success. Student character development takes place in the classroom, where students learn to take responsibility for their learning and then later to develop intellectual discipline.

Our co-curriculum encourages all students to be fully involved, learning valuable life skills, making friends and, above all, having fun. The clubs they go to and the teams they are part of are the training-ground for leadership and service, and enable them to attain success outside the classroom and to build long-lasting friendships with their peers. HGS students are encouraged to be compassionate, hard working and successful citizens. They are respectful of the views of others and develop into well-rounded individuals prepared to face the challenges of the modern world. 

The students are supported by a dedicated team of experts offering advice and providing guidance to ensure they are happy, safe and successful in school. Pupil well-being is a top priority for all members of the Hulme community.

John Budding – Head of Senior School