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From the outset, our children in Pre-Prep are encouraged to become curious mathematicians. Alongside a strong grounding in number, children are given a variety of opportunities to build on and apply their understanding.

At Hulme, we believe that children should be free to take risks in Maths without fear of being wrong. We want children to develop a positive attitude to Maths and to be able to talk to others confidently about their learning. Manipulatives are a key component of our EYFS environment.

Our high quality Maths education continues as the children move into Key Stage 1 and 2. Practical activities and the use of manipulatives form a key part of our lessons to support children’s reasoning and problem solving. We strive to provide all children with the necessary skills to become fluent in Maths, being able to recall and apply knowledge accurately and rapidly. We provide a wealth of opportunities for the development of reasoning and problem solving skills, supporting children to become more resilient whilst applying themselves to increasingly complex problems.