Arts & Crafts Club, Athletics Club, Bee Bot Club (Unplugged), Beginner Brass Club, British Sign Language Club, Chess Support, Choir Support, Construction Club, Creative Writing Club, Cricket Club, Cricket Practice, Cross-Country Club, Dodgeball Club, Dough Disco, Film Club, Football, Football Squad Training, German Club, Get Fit Club, Infant School Choir, Junior School Choir, Junior Swim Club, Karate Club, Lego Club, Magic Club, Messy Mark Making Club, Mindfulness Club, Mini EPQ/Crest, Movement Club (Gross and Fine Motor Skills), Netball Club, Netball Squad Training, Nursery Rhymes, Outdoor Games, Playground Games Club, Puzzle Club, Recreational Cricket Club, Rounders Practice, Sewing and Threading, Sign Language Club, Speech & Drama, Story Club, Story-telling & Puppetry Club, Street Dance Club, Table Tennis Club, Tag Rugby Club, Training Band, Wild Things Speech & Drama, Yoga, Artistic Swimming, Water Polo

Our dedicated staff members are deeply committed to providing a wealth of opportunities for our students, enabling them to thrive, learn and excel beyond the classroom, as demonstrated in the vast array of co-curricular activities available to our children.

We wholeheartedly encourage our students not only to pursue their existing interests but also to cultivate and explore new talents by actively engaging in the diverse range of creative, physical and social activities that we offer.