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Private Exam Candidates

At Hulme Grammar School, we can host a variety of qualifications and subjects taken with different awarding bodies.

As a private exam candidate you may be studying completely independently, you may be having some instruction privately or by correspondence course, or be in some other situation. If you are receiving help with your studies your tutor may be able to assist you on the administrative and course requirements. All courses differ in their requirements, we help where we can, but it is your responsibility to see that all administrative requirements are met.

Awarding bodies provide additional information for private candidates which you are strongly advised to read.

If you have any queries or need to contact the Exams Office, please send us an email detailing as much information as possible to enable us to answer your query promptly and effectively at exams@hulmegrammar.org


  • We do not accept entries for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer Language qualifications.
  • We are also unable to accept entries for qualifications that involve controlled assessment/coursework, referred to as NEAs (non-exam-assessments).

*With the exception of re-sits where the original marks are being carried forward*

As an alternative to GCSEs EDEXCEL offer an International GCSE (iGCSE) in most subjects, the benefit of these exams are that there are no NEAs and some subjects offer a January and a June entry, information can be found on:


Making the Correct Entry

Before making an application you must be fully aware of all the awarding bodies requirements and regulations. It is your responsibility to carefully check the specification/syllabus for each subject, the information may be found by visiting their websites:





You may find the ‘Supplementary Guidance for Private Candidates’ booklet on the AQA website very useful.


Exam Timetable Clashes

We will not re-arrange any of our exams to accommodate your timetable clash; it will be the responsibility of the individual to arrange this with the other centre. Should your clash be within the centre it is procedure to sit the exams consecutively with a short break between papers, candidates will be contacted to discuss further should this issue arise.

In some cases, candidates have a physical or a medical condition that may require special arrangements for their examinations, for example; extra time, special aids or modified papers.

Due to time constraints Access Arrangements MUST be applied for at the time of application. There is a section on our application form to disclose your requirements. Our closing date for requests is the 12th December, after this date no further arrangements can be processed. After submission you will be contacted for further information and to supply your evidence of need.

If candidates have previously had access arrangements approved by JCQ, they should provide:

  • A copy of a JCQ approval for Access Arrangements
  • A completed Form 8, signed by a SENCo or Specialist Assessor
  • Additional evidence from their current or previous school or college to show evidence of need and normal way of working. This can include:
  • Psychologist or Specialist Assessor report
  • An EHC plan
  • Individual Education Plans / Learning Plans
  • Teacher Statements
  • Test Results
  • Copies of unfinished exam papers or papers showing extra time has been used
  • A hand signed and dated note on headed paper from SENCo or Exams Officer at previous school or college
  • School Reports

Candidates applying for access arrangements, will usually be required to complete a short access arrangements assessment with a SENCo Assessor, to be arranged by us, for which an administration fee will be payable. The purpose of this assessment is to provide results to include in the Form 8 section of the JCQ application for access arrangements.

Candidates with a long term disability or medical condition

Candidates who require access arrangements for a long term disability or medical condition should provide a report or letter from a doctor, consultant or medical professional explaining why additional time (or other access arrangement) is needed as a direct consequence of their disability or medical condition.

In addition, evidence is required from your current or previous school or college that this is your normal way of working for examinations. This could be a hand signed, dated letter on headed paper from the SENCo.

The dates below are internal deadlines to allow us time to process the entries. Applications will not be accepted after the deadline date for each series.

Series Exams Deadline
November iGCSE Edexcel (Limited Subjects)
GCSE RESITS (Maths & English Language)
10 September
1 October
Summer GCE AS & A Level, GCSE, iGCSE, 7 February

Please be aware that the Exam Office will be closed during the school holidays, please take this into consideration making your application/waiting for replies/paying fees etc.

Scale of Fees

Entry Fees (Non-Refundable) Late Fee
GCSE/iGCSE Per Subject £180 £90
Double Award £360 £180
GCE AS Full Course £260 £130
A Level Full Course £360 £180

HGS reserves the right to amend its charges without notice at any time.

Payment Details

Exam fees are non refundable under any circumstance. However, should a cancellation take place before our deadline then we may, at our discretion, transfer 50% of the fees to the next available session.

Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed and an email is sent to confirm the availability of the chosen exams, detail the total fees due, the payment reference number and a link to our secure payment page where the candidate should enter the aforementioned total fee and pay via debit/credit card. We are then notified upon receipt and will process the entries within 5 – 10 working days.

Please ensure you have the following information to hand before you complete the application form:

  • You will need your Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI), this is a 12 digit number followed by a letter. It will be shown on a previous statement of entry or statement of results. If you have not taken any examinations since 2002 you may not have a UCI number. If you do not have one, enter N/A in the space and we will allocate a number to you.
  • Make sure you know the awarding body and correct subject and unit codes for all the examinations you wish to sit. These can be found on the relevant awarding body websites.
  • Upon submission you will be asked to email the following information:
    1. Passport style facial photograph
    2. Photographic identification such as a passport or drivers licence
    3. Proof of address such as a utility bill or GP/dentist letter

Make an application

Arrival for Examinations

  • For a morning exam you should arrive by 9am and for an afternoon exam by 3pm (It is unnecessary to arrive earlier than 15mins prior to the examination start time.
  • If you are ill or unavoidably late, please inform the school office by telephone as soon as you can. The phone number is 0161 624 4497 DO NOT LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. Please remember that only lateness caused by a genuine emergency will be given special consideration.
  • Please be aware that we do not have parking spaces available within the school grounds, there is however parking available on the streets around the school. Please take this into consideration and allow extra time to find a parking spot before your examination starts.
  • On the day of the exam please report to Reception. Please note that any persons accompanying a candidate will be required to leave school grounds during examinations; we cannot offer any waiting facilities. Once in the exam room you will be asked to present your photo identification and sign in; at this point you will be asked to present your mobile phone – if you have brought one – and to demonstrate that it has been turned OFF. Please bring only essential items with you; personal possessions (bags, coats etc.) should be placed at the back of the examination room. However, all items are left at the owner’s risk. It is not advisable to leave high value items. We cannot accept responsibility for any valuables being lost or stolen.
  • Please note that if you have exams scheduled for the morning and afternoon sessions on the same day, it is expected that you will leave the premises after your morning exam, and return at 1.30pm for the afternoon exam.

Conduct During the Examination

  • Make sure you have all necessary equipment for each examination, including spare pens etc. The awarding bodies insist on black ink or ballpoint pen, and it is not permitted to write in pencil. No Tipp- Ex or correction pens are allowed, and your equipment should be in a transparent pencil case or small plastic bag. You will have to have a pencil and a black ballpoint pen for all multiple-choice tests.
  • Ensure you bring any awarding body required pre-release materials; if unsure check your specification. (clean copies will be supplied by the exams office if this is a requirement of the awarding body).
  • No food or drink is allowed in the examination room (with the exception of water in a sports cap/non- spill bottle: which must have any labelling removed).
  • In exams requiring calculators remember that you alone are responsible for bringing your own and making sure that it works properly. You must not bring in the case or instruction leaflets. If you have a programmable calculator, you must ensure that all programmes are cleared before the start of the exam.
  • Mobile phones, iPods MP3/4 players and smartwatches, products with an electronic communication/storage device or digital facility are regarded by the awarding bodies as “unauthorised material” and must not be in candidates’ possession, whether switched on or not. Such items must be switched off in bags/coats at the back of the examination room or handed to the invigilator prior to the exam. Failure to comply with this regulation may involve cancellation of papers or even jeopardise the results of other candidates in the room. All rough work must be done on your answer paper, and should be neatly crossed out, but not obliterated. No papers may be brought into or removed from the exam room, except for material authorised by the awarding body.
  • Wristwatches are not allowed.
  • At the end of the examination please ensure that you have completed the front page including the numbers of the questions you have answered and how many answer booklets you have used, if applicable. NB: You must ensure you write your official legal name.
  • Silence must be maintained at all times in the examination room, and this rule applies from the moment you enter the room to the time of leaving. Please remember that other candidates may be continuing with their exam and that the rest of the school is still working and be considerate when you leave the exam room.

Late Arrivals

Candidates must endeavour to be punctual for all exams. Should you arrive late without prior explanation you may be refused entry to the exam. Genuine extenuating circumstances will be given consideration on an individual basis.


Results will be emailed and also available to collect from reception between 9.00am and 1.00pm; any remaining results will be posted the same day. Results will only be issued to you personally; if you intend to send another person to collect them on your behalf you must let us know in advance; giving written authorisation.

Results will not be given out by telephone under any circumstances.

Summer Session
GCE (A Level)


08:00 Thursday 15 August 2024
09:00 Thursday 22 August 2024

Post Results Services

Please read through the information guide below which explains the options available to you and the fees involved.

There is no grade protection for Review of Marking (ROM). This means that a candidates’ marks and subject grades may be lowered, confirmed, or raised as a result.

There is a request for consent in order to submit our PRS form.

View information guide here

Download PRS Request Form here

Please be aware that these are strict deadlines.


Certificates are not issued until later in the year, the awarding body gives a guide date of late October. You will be contacted via email when your certificate(s) have arrived and are ready to be collected from Reception. Requests for posting will incur a fee, as they will be sent via signed for delivery.

Special Consideration

Let us know if you have felt under any genuine handicap because of your health during any of your examinations. You will require a note from your Doctor confirming any ailments; this must include the date of the exam in question. The amount of consideration given by the awarding bodies will depend on the nature of the problem.

Fire Alarm Evacuation During Examinations

We do hope that no fire alarms will go off during the exam period, however if this does occur please follow these instructions:

  • Stop writing and close your paper.
  • Remain absolutely silent.
  • You will be asked to evacuate the room. You must:
    • Leave all your work on the table.
    • Leave all your belongings.
    • Remain absolutely silent during the evacuation and once we are at the assembly point.

Upon returning to the exam room after the evacuation, a calculation will be done on how much time was lost and your finish time will be adjusted accordingly.