School Life

House System

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Hulme Grammar School is divided into four houses which reflect the school’s history: Hulme, Lees, Assheton and Booth-Platt, each competing for the Needham Trophy every year. Each Head of House has their own strengths; a great athlete, a scholar of geography, an English teacher and even a teacher of foreign languages.

Though it sounds very ‘Harry Potter’, the House system has shown itself as a support system through the year groups and a uniting force in friendly competition within the school.

The main thrust of the House system comes from the pupils; with a House Captain being selected from Year 12 to manage House Representatives from each year group. The students are then supported in organising regular events throughout the year. These have included ‘Hulme’s Got Talent’ competitions, quizzes and various fun sports.

The House system also spans into everyday life at Hulme through the ‘House Point’ system. House Points are awarded in a great many areas, with academic success carrying the same weight as dramatic, musical or sporting success.

Students grow into their House and feel a real ownership and belonging and we feel that this is the real strength of the system, giving pupils friendly faces around the school out of their normal peer group. This system works in conjunction with other pastoral systems within the school to give the pupils a further framework of support.