Hulme Grammar School was founded in 1611 by Sir James Assheton with the vision of providing accessible education to the local community, rooted in the principles of excellence and opportunity for all. Over 400 years on and we remain dedicated to this vision – last year one in five of our pupils received bursary support of over £750,000 to enable them to excel in the here and now as well as in their futures beyond.

However, we are not able to meet the current demand to support the next generation of bright young people.  A third of pupils who sat the latest entrance exam applied to our bursary fund and we could support only less than half of them.  Meaning that at least 30 pupils won’t have the opportunity that their potential deserves.

Oldham is in the top 10 most deprived areas in the UK, but we know that education can break the cycle and provide a pathway for young people out of deprivation.  Almost two-thirds of young people in Oldham won’t continue their education into A-Levels and less than 10% will go on to one of the top UK universities.

We created the Assheton bursary fund to subsidise or fully-fund even more bright and aspiring young people to enjoy and benefit from the Hulme experience – giving them a chance to thrive regardless of their circumstances.

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“I count it as an immense privilege to have attended Hulme Grammar School.  It still helps guide and influence my decisions today, many years after leaving the school gates.  But these opportunities were only afforded to me through the generosity of people I have never met.”

Professor Damian Hughes (Class of 1994), Coaching Consultant for England Rugby League and Scotland Rugby Union