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Bursaries at Hulme Grammar School

What is a Bursary?

A Bursary is a financial award provided to students to support their education at Hulme Grammar School. Whether a student qualifies for a Bursary award and the level of Bursary award they may be offered is dependent on the combined household income of those with whom the student lives. Unlike loans, bursaries do not need to be repaid.

How is the award assessed?

The process of applying for a bursary to fund or partially fund a place at Hulme Grammar School is designed to ensure clarity, transparency and equity. Bursaries are, of course, means-tested, which means applications are assessed against a set of criteria intended to ensure that those in most need of one will receive one. Those with a

gross household income of £80,000 or less may apply. The amount of the bursary is awarded using a sliding scale: the lower the household’s income, the higher the award, and vice versa.

Aside from household income, a number of other factors are taken into account when we are assessing whether a student is a suitable candidate for a Bursary. These include a student’s prior attainment, their attitude to learning and their academic potential. These three strands are assessed during the application process, the Entrance Assessments and an interview with a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team. 

Families wishing to apply for a Bursary accept that a thorough assessment of their assets, income and expenditure is required. To ensure that this is handles with transparency, rigour, sensitivity and compliance in the matter of GDPR regulations, Hulme Grammar School uses a company called BAL to handle the paperwork required for this part of the process. More information about BAL can be found here: 

Once BAL have undertaken their analysis of a household’s financial situation, the school then applies its internal criteria for awarding bursaries.  Those who have applied for a Bursary are not guaranteed one. We wish the pot of money for Bursaries were limitless but, alas, it is not and inevitably some will be disappointed. However, we would encourage you to apply if you feel having read this that you meet the essential criteria.

If you have already applied to the school, you will receive a copy of the application form directly from the Admissions Team.

How and when to apply

Bursary applications for 2024 entry have now closed. This page will be updated with information for 2025 entry in due course.

Further important information

Tuition fees are subject to annual review by the Governing Board, as they are at all independent schools. Tuition fees for the following academic year are not released until the end of the Spring Term of the current academic year. Parents are sent this annual notification by email and the information is also published on the School website.

Tuition fees can, and often do, increase year-on-year but the amount of any bursary award will remain the same. We can only offer a Bursary that a household assesses at the point of being offered place, based on our sliding scale.

The school will undertake annual reassessment of a household’s assets, income and expenditure. If a household’s financial circumstances have altered – either their assets and income have increased in value or decreased – we will refer back to our sliding scale and notify you of any reduction to your award as soon as possible. The bursary will only be removed if your household income exceeds £80,000. 

This guide has been produced to provide you with key information about the bursary award application process. It should be read in conjunction with our Bursary and Scholarships Policy.


The School respects the confidentiality of all awards made to families, and recipients are expected to do likewise.