Year 13 say “see you soon!”

May 10, 2024

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Today has been a special one, as we celebrated our Year 13 students’ last day at Hulme Grammar School. Tomorrow marks the beginning of their study leave, with their first exam on Monday.

For some, it’s the closing of a chapter that began at the age of three in Prep School. For others, who joined us more recently, it’s a day filled with poignant reflections on the friendships and memories made.

The day started with signing yearbooks, while the students were decked out in fancy dress that reflected their ‘aspirations’. Among the standout ensembles was Thara’s portrayal of Head of Drama Mrs Eckhardt, having worked with her closely over the years.

After heartfelt farewells from the Sixth Form staff and teachers, and a reflection on their time here through videos and pictures, it became evident that this wasn’t a goodbye, but rather a “see you soon.”

The celebrations soon moved to the outdoors, as the Small Side was taken over by a bouncy castle, rounders game, pizza and drinks, with an ice cream van even making an appearance! The students had the chance to truly make their final hours memorable, and it was great to see everybody chatting, sharing memories, and catching up with their teachers, not just from this year, but the last number of years.

Here’s to our Year 13s, as we wish them the best of luck as they venture forward. They’ve put in immense effort, especially during this final year, and we couldn’t be prouder. We have so many fond memories and are sure you do too.

Don’t forget – you are always welcome at Hulme.